Professional Photo Retouching
& Editing Services

We are your successful post-production partner, and we constantly introduce new features and services depending on your feedback. We are more than just a photo retouching service. Below is a detailed list of all the services we offer:

Image Editing Service

Our image editing services take care of every detail of professional product photography so that your product is the center of attention. Here are all of our services:

Image Background Services

We created the world’s leading background removal service by expert human photo editors. Customize the background removal process in every way, including background extension, cropping, scaling, and background color. To meet all of your photo retouching needs, we also provide clipping path services and background retouching. Learn more about our background services by clicking here.

Ghost Mannequin

Bring your images to life with 2D and 3D mannequin techniques! Pixel Touchup has created world-class ghost mannequin product imagery by combining millions of images. Many of your mannequin images will also have model photos on the same product set, and Touchup can color-match your images so that both sets of images (model and mannequin) match perfectly. Find out more about our ghost mannequin technique by clicking here.
Color Change Color Change after

Color Variants & Color Changing

Color Change, also known as Colorways, enables you to create different color versions of your products. That is, a single set of product photos can be converted into multiple sets of images in various colorways. We also make it simple to keep track of all your brand colors with your own Color Library. Learn more about all of our color correction services by clicking here.


A product image with shadows adds perspective, consistency, and depth to your product images.
Our shadow services are used in over 90% of our footwear, eyewear, and handbag images.
For your retouched photo, we offer four Shadow options:

  • Keep Original Shadow
  • Drop Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Remove Shadow

Image Manupulation

We offer image manipulation services that are both professional and realistic, catering to amateur photographers and creative individuals. Our team of retouchers can assist you with a variety of photo manipulations, including head replacement, creative digital drawing, and surreal photo manipulation. You can expect your project to be completed within a few working days.

Clipping Path Services

When it comes to cutting out images, providing tender loving care is crucial in achieving a consistent look. It is important to have flawless cut-out paths and photo patterns to attract customers to your products and make them fall in love with your photos. No matter what purpose your images serve, you can always count on getting precise and polished clipping paths every time.
Before After

E-commerce Image-ready Services

Most online shoppers prefer seeing products on a white background. Getting a white backdrop on each of those images might be a laborious effort for busy ecommerce shops with a large number of SKUs. You and your team should have some free time so that you can focus on growing your company and closing deals rather than spending all of your time editing pictures.

Model and Skin Retouching

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for model retouching, you can tailor your retouching specifications to your preferences. We enjoy working with so many different brands, so we understand that your models must adhere to the brand’s aesthetic.

We can provide all levels of professional photo retouching to match your brand’s aesthetic. Do you prefer that your models retain their freckles and flaws, or do you prefer the classic polished retouch? The model’s ambiance can have a negative or positive influence on a product purchase decision – by removing eye bags and providing consistent skin tones (hand and legs matching facial tone), your customers’ subconscious is less distracted and more focused on the product itself.

Before after
before after

Image Masking Services

An area can be covered or protected with a layer using the image masking technique. As a result, during editing, other components are not affected. The recorded image can change afterwards in accordance with the specifications. Hair, wool, and fur are examples of products with delicate edges that are desperately needed for this service. One of the Photoshop features for removing the background from an image is image masking.

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